Workshop “Geophysics and technology innovations for sustainable soil and water management”

18th of March 2019 (FCUL – C1 3rd floor)

Saltfree is a project under the ARIMNet2 program, which focuses on geophysical methods for prevention of salinization in irrigated agricultural areas around the Mediterranean. In this workshop, we propose to discuss in a broader scope the use of innovative approaches and tools for tackling the important challenges of sustainable management of soil and water use.

During the morning we will be hearing leading researchers in the field presenting their experiences from different projects. In the afternoon there will be a specialized session on inversion techniques and a debate about the future applications of geophysics and other tools in the sustainable management of soil and water.

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Workshop in Tunisia

18-22 September 2017

A workshop was organized in Tunisia from 18 to 22 September 2017 to discuss the progress of the project’s work with the participants from the 4 countries (Tunisia, Italy, Portugal, Egypt), farmers, technicians working on soil salinization, and deciders from CRDA of Ariana (Soil, crop production, irrigated districts, crop production and water resources departments) and General Directorate of Planning and Conservation of Agricultural Lands (Direction Générale de l’Aménagement et de la Conservation des Terres Agricoles, DG-ACTA). The meeting with famers and makers was organized at National Institute of Pedagogical and Agricultural Training at Sidi Thabet, Tunisia (Institut National Pédagogique et de la Formation Continue Agricole) witch belong to Agricultural vulgarization and Training Agency (Agence de Vulgarisation et de Formation Agricole, AVFA). Oral communications were presented:

  • Water management in the irrigated districts in Ariana province (Gestion de l’eau dans les périmètres irrigués du gouvernorat de l’Ariana).

  • Water and soil qualities monitoring in Sidi Thabet and Cherfech (Ariana) irrigated districts (Suivi de la qualité des sols et des eaux dans les PPIs de Sidi Thabet et Cherfech, CRDA Ariana)

  • Soil moisture and salinity measurements for better water and soil salinity management (Mesure de la teneur en eau et la salinité des sols pour une meilleur gestion de l’eau et la salinité des sols)

  • Using ESAP model for Mapping and modeling soil salinity (Modélisation et cartographie de la salinité des sols par le modèle ESAP)

  • SALTFREE Project: Salinization in irrigated areas: risk evaluation and prevention

In the irrigated area of Kalaat Landalous (Tunisia), in situ demonstrations of the use of EM38 and the WET probe for salinity and soil moisture measurement were carried out in presence of farmers, technicians and decision-makers.